With the advanced medical processes today, dogs are a lot more likely to recover from their diseases than before. During the olden times, there were no medicines, medical equipments, or experienced veterinarians that could possibly treat the severe diseases of your beloved pets. Today, even dogs have medical insurances.

Pet owners whose dogs have bladder stones need not worry about their conditions because the following treatment procedure can definitely help them solve the problem:


Catheterization is the process of putting a long tube into the dog’s urinary tract and into the bladder in an attempt to remove both the urine and the stone in one go. The catheter would act like a suction tube that would flush out the cause of the pain and urine obstruction. This method is used when emergency care is required by your pet.


If the bladder stones are rather large and it is impossible to take them out with the use of a catheter, surgery may be required. The procedure of taking out the stones surgically on dogs is very similar to removing bladder stones on humans. It is very important that you take your dog to an experienced veterinarian for surgery. The clinic with the best equipment should also be your primary choice.


If the bladder stone of your dog has is relatively small, then antibiotics and other speciaized medications should be able to the trick. These medicines are designed to dissolve the stones and your dog need not undergo surgery. And it is the cheaper route to go too. But then again, it’s the vet’s call and not yours. If the vet says surgery is required, it is best that you let the vet do it.

Preventive diet

Bladder stones may recur at any time. Even if they were removed before, there’s no guarantee that it would ever come back. Therefore, dogs that have had bladder stones are advised to follow a strict diet given by the vet. The vet might prescribe a new diet every so often. All you really have to do is to follow them.

Taking your dog to the vet for regular checkups is your best defense against severe cases of diseases that could require big amount of money, effort, and time to treat. Spare your dog of all these. Your dog need not undergo surgery if you the stones are diagnosed on its early stages.