The presence of stones in your dog’s bladder area could affect your dog’s overall health. For starters, your dog may become irritable and less jovial. You’ll know if your pet is not feeling well if and when its disposition has changed in the past few days.

Your dog can’t talk. So you have to be very wary about its actions and how they are different from the last time. The common mistake of dog owners is to regard that their dog have simply awakened in the bad side of the doghouse or litter box that’s why it is acting a little weird.
You’ll know if your dog has bladder infections if you see these symptoms:

  1. Very frequent urination.

If your dog suddenly wants to be let out every so often, then it won’t help to be impatient about the situation and admonish your pet. While it is important to teach dogs discipline, it is sometimes impossible for them to stick to the house rules if they have developed internal health problems. Whenever your dog signals that it wanted to go out, don’t get mad. Let it out and observe. Then take your pet to the vet first thing in the morning for a consultation.

  1. Abnormalities in the urine.

If your dog asks to be let out often, watch how it urinates. More often than not, your dog would have traces of blood in its urine. If blood is absent, the urine may appear dark in color instead. It could be very painful for your dog to urinate too. Look at your dog’s face as it heeds the call of nature. If it cringes or licks its genitals after urination, that’s a sign that it feels pain.

  1. General weakness.

Dogs are very demonstrative of their feelings. If they are not feeling well, they’ll show it. Dogs with bladder stones are likely to be less active and not very responsive to their masters. Interact with your dog like you used to. If it is not too excited about your usual game or bonding moments, then it may be sick. And if the other symptoms mentioned above are existent, then your dog is likely to have developed stones in its bladder.

  1. Loss of appetite.

Dogs normally eat like humans. They find pleasure in eating. This is the main reason why dog treats and biscuits are a trainer’s best tools when teaching obedience to a dog. Now if your dog is less energized during mealtime, then it is likely to be sick. Bladder stones may affect your normal way of eating.