Whenever dog owners suspect that their pets are suffering from bladder stones or any other urinary related disorders, it is best that they see the veterinarian right away. The formation of bladder stones is one of the diseases that cause severe complications in both cats and dogs. You don’t want your own pet suffering from this disease if you could have it treated right away in the first place.

Dogs with bladder stones are very likely to acquire the following diseases in their lifetime, especially if the problem is not addressed right away:

Bladder tumors

Bladder stones, if not treated immediately, would cause tumors in the bladder area. The tumors would normally start as benign until it becomes malignant and severe enough to cause drastic changes in the dog’s physical abilities. Tumors need surgery to treat. And it would definitely be an ordeal for your pet to go through.

Bladder Cancer

What started out as a mere bladder stone could eventually become cancerous. This could happen if the right medications are not administered to your pets for a long period of time. While this is a very rare case, it could still happen if bacteria and fungi get into the picture, compounding the complications of the disease.

Failing body processes

The ultimate effect of bladder stones to your pet would be the inability to urinate normally. And if the wastes of the body get stuck inside, then the body would be defeated by the germs and bacteria that keep on propagating. The dog’s immune system would be helpless the moment bacteria exceeds their number. You’ll see that your dog would be more tiresome, less energetic, and very poignant.

Eventual death

This is the worse case scenario. Bladder stones growing as big as pebbles are enough to kill a small dog. A pea-sized bladder stone could still be dissolved and pass off through the urine. However, that is not always the case. Owners who keep on ignoring the health issues of their dogs would come face to face with a bladder stone problem that is too big even for surgery to remove. And when the disease becomes untreatable, there would be no other solution but to let your dog sleep permanently.

When you really think about it, bladder stones are simple health concerns with simple solutions. A regular check up with the veterinarian would relieve you and your pet of all the discomforts listed here. Give your pets all the love, care, and medical attention it deserves. Only then you can forget about these bladder stone complications.