If your dog is suffering or had suffered from bladder stones before, there are medications that you can find right from the comforts of your home to keep the episode from happening again. These home remedies however, should not be in any way used to substitute the medications prescribed by the veterinarian.

The home remedy you are to give your dog should be in reference to the type of stone that your dog acquired. Here is a list of good herb suggestions to give your dog. However, you have to clear these home medications with the vet prior to administering them to your pet:

Barberry Root

Generally speaking, barberry root is good for kidney problems. Dogs with bladder stones tend to demonstrate pain while urinating. For this issue, barberry root is the best home remedy. To use it, just add a teaspoon of barberry root in one cup of hot water. Let it steep for five minutes or so and then strain. It should be administered three times a day. For small dogs, give it in doses of one tablespoon each. Larger dogs require two tablespoons and three tablespoons for even bigger dogs.

Sarsaparilla root

Sarsaparilla root is great for dogs with smaller bladder stones. If you see that there’s gravel in your dog’s urine, then just prepare sarsaparilla root in the same way the barberry root is prepared. Just double the amount of herbs to be added to the cup of water.


Goldenseal is a popular herbal antibiotic that you can also give your pet. However, this one is only prescribed for dogs that are suffering from bladder infection rather than those that have mineral crystals present in the urine. Other than goldenseal, other herbal antiseptics such as Echinacea and pau d’arco are helpful as well.

Thalaspi Bursa Pastoris

Thalaspi Bursa Pastoris is the best first aid for dog suffering from urinary obstructions. Give one dose to your pet every 30 minutes or so until it can urinate again. This remedy is perfect for instances wherein you can’t bring your dog to the vet given the circumstances.


Other than the ones listed above, you can also give aconite to your pet. Not only would it relieve the pain caused by the stones – it could also address the fear and distress that your dog suffers. Just a few doses of aconite could put your whining pet at bat.