It is a service that allows the users to create a temporary mailid. A user generally generates such email when he\she does not want to share real information. For making a contemporary email id, you need only less time; it is easy to create and operate. A Temp mail consists of all the features that an original email id includes. You can send the photos, documents, as well as any PDF file. People create such emails when they don’t want to share their actual information with someone who is not trustworthy for them.

Uses of the Temp mail:

• We are living in the digital generation, where everything takes place smoothly and fast. If we have created a temporary email id, we can send the email to anyone without showing them our information. It is rapid to send the email ton others through temporary mail.

• Temp mail can be used as a marketing tool for marketers. Many marketers use these emails to promote the products of the company. When an employee is promoting or marketing a brand, he would not want to share his real email id with anyone. A marketer sends thousands of emails to make the customers, so it is good to use a temporary email id in such a condition. This yepmail is great source of temp mail.

• A user can transfer the anonymous file to the other users. You can send the various file, and the receiver will not see your information. This step keeps your privacy safe from any unauthentic activities. The user shares the personal data but doesn’t have any issue with stealing any information.

We can make the temporary mail without any registration. People generally make the temporary email id for a short period of time. It gives you a quick process to send the documents and any other files.