Maybe you have already heard about this amazing product that is great to use for additional security for your home and that is the anti climb paint. This is not just the ordinary paint that you apply for your walls and gate but this has a special ingredient that when it is being applied to any surface, it will make it slippery and very hard to climb. If you want to know more about convex mirror technology, you can find its details on

Although there is nothing that you need to worry about with regards to its safety because this paint has no dangerous chemicals that include in it. To further learn and understand this special paint, just read this article to help you out.

Choose a wall that you wanted to paint

Since you are going to use the anti climb paint, make sure to select a wall or area of your home that needs added protection. If there is a wall or it could be your gate which you think can easily be accessible to thieves then use your anti climb paint. Before you are going to paint, make sure that the surface is dry and clean. It would also make the painting job look flawless if you are going to scrape those rough edges of the surface. Then using your paintbrush or roller, you can start painting your wall without any difficulty. It is so easy to apply on any surface. After you have securely painted the surface, let it dry. It is that easy.

If you don’t have enough time to paint it yourself, ask someone to do it for you

Some people are good when it comes to painting jobs, so let them do it for you. You can even ask someone you know to do it for as long as you will pay them well.

It is super easy and convenient to use this anti climb paint in your walls and at the same time, it also adds security and protection for your home as well.